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Using Final Cut Pro X with ReadyNAS

2 minute read

With the release of Final Cut Pro X, Apple has removed the ability to directly and easily work with video clips & projects stored on traditional AFP, CIF...

Migrating TimeMachine Backups to a ReadyNAS

1 minute read

ReadyNAS devices can be used as a target for TimeMachine backups. However when users first set this facility up they also often want to migrate an existing b...

My ReadyNAS Wishlist

8 minute read

After using ReadyNAS devices for a few years now, I have a number of features that I would like to see in future products and software. None are earth-shatte...

What are Reallocated Sectors?

4 minute read

Most ReadyNAS users have probably experienced it. Waking up, eventually checking email over a morning cup of coffee to find that overnight your NAS has sent ...

Managing your Music on your ReadyNAS

1 minute read

A primary use of home NAS devices is the central storage of, and access to, a media library. For many people a large portion of that library will be music, m...

Backing-up via Rsync to a local USB disk

less than 1 minute read

It is often desirable to use rsync to backup data due to the benefits it offers: true incremental backup, the ability to remove data from the backup that has...

Enabling User & Anonymous FTP Access

2 minute read

Anonymous FTP access is a useful way to allow people access to download files from your NAS via a web browser without having to setup user accounts or figure...

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Hiding Files & Folders from FTP users

1 minute read

The ReadyNAS devices support a variety of protocols, a consequence of which is that shares may include a number of system folders that are only intended to b...

Aperture Workflow with ReadyNAS

7 minute read

Over the past few months I’ve had a number of requests from the ReadyNAS forum & elsewhere for info on how I implement my Aperture Workflow with a ReadyN...

Overview of ReadyNAS Permissions

17 minute read

Setting up share & file permissions on ReadyNAS devices can generate a substantial number of questions and problems. In most cases, these questions &...

Installing VirtualBox on the ReadyNAS Ultra

less than 1 minute read

Here are the steps I used to install the 64 bit version of VB 3.2.8 under RAIDiator 4.2.13 - all worked perfectly first time (though hope I haven’t forgotten...

Restoring SSH Access

1 minute read

One of the most powerful features of the ReadyNAS product line is the ability to enable Secure SHell (SSH) access. Via SSH, it is possible to both install ad...

How to Direct Connect to your ReadyNAS

2 minute read

When encountering a problem with a ReadyNAS device, it is often useful during the process of diagnosing that problem to eliminate the network to which the Re...

How to Migrate to User Security Mode

2 minute read

With newer OS’es like Windows 7 and OSX Snow Leopard, the “Share” security mode featured on some older ReadyNAS devices like the NV+ is unfortunately no long...

ReadyNAS Permissions Manual

Additional related information can be found in the following posts: ➤ Overview of ReadyNAS Permissions ➤ How to Set Up ReadyNAS Permissions

How to Setup ReadyNAS Permissions

3 minute read

There have been many questions on the ReadyNAS forum regarding how to setup file sharing permissions when running a NAS with User security mode.

My ReadyNAS Blog

less than 1 minute read

After posting extensively on the ReadyNAS Forum, I’ve found myself repeating comments quite regularly. As there is no wiki or other means to consolidate thos...

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