My ReadyNAS Blog Image

This blog was started in August 2010 as a means to document tips & tricks I had found related to ReadyNAS Network Attached Storage devices from Netgear and to create a public record of the support posts I made on the ReadyNAS support forum. Originally this was a Wordpress-based blog hosted on a ReadyNAS Ultra-4.

Over the past year my involvement in the ReadyNAS community has significantly declined - not least due to the very apparent defocus Netgear has on their consumer storage products - to the point that the time has now come to retire the blog and so I have archived it here so that it remains available to those that may continue to find it useful.

I hope it continues to be of help to those many ReadyNAS Users out there. Comments remain open and I will do my best to respond to any questions, but there will be no further posts.