Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bliss Addon for ReadyNAS (x86)

When first purchasing a ReadyNAS, my only real thought was to have a centalised backup for an every growing library of documents & media, and a facility to make backing those files up easy. But owning a ReadyNAS device introduced me to the idea of actively streaming audio from a central library to multiple clients. My audio library is now available on any of our computers at home, via our Plex based media center, multiple Squeezebox audio players, iOS devices and even remotely via the excellent Subsonic application.

The ubiquitous access to our audio however soon revealed one limitation: the high resolution screens of some of the devices being used (eg iPad) clearly showed that the artwork associated with my audio library was pretty poor quality, incorrect, incompatible with some applications but not others, or just non-existent. In short - the audio artwork of out music library was a mess.

While I found that there are a number of applications around that puport to help with artwork issues, most seem to focus on tagging rather than artwork, with artwork being just another tag. Also as all of my media was stored on my NAS, streamed from it and managed there, I much preferred to have an artwork management application that would also run from the ReadyNAS rather than run separately with an OS specific frontend .

That's when I found bliss

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Setting Up a Website with PHP & MySQL

One of the most common tasks ReadyNAS users wish to use their devices for is to host a small personal web site

Creating a basic Personal Web Server is very easy to do and documented on the ReadyNAS site here.

This basic setup is perfectly sufficient for hosting HTML only based web sites, but many users would like to go that step further and create more advanced setups, perhaps using common Open Source CMS systems such as WordPress (like this site) or Joomla. To support such setups, the ReadyNAS typically needs to be updated to support both PHP - a common programming language used for creating web sites - and MySQL - a relational database application.

Here's how to add the PHP and MySQL missing pieces:

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Migrating TimeMachine Backups to a ReadyNAS

ReadyNAS devices can be used as a target for TimeMachine backups. However when users first set this facility up they also often want to migrate an existing backup from an external HDD attached to their mac to the ReadyNAS so that they maintain their backup history but free up the external HDD

Here's is one way to do this that is known to work based on feedback from one user as well as success doing this myself.