Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Backing-up via Rsync to a local USB disk

It is often desirable to use rsync to backup data due to the benefits it offers: true incremental backup, the ability to remove data from the backup that has been deleted in the source and rsync's support for verification of the backed-up data are just some of the advantages.

Below is an example of the backup settings needed to enable rsync to be used to backup a NAS share to a locally attached USB drive.

In the above example all Home Shares are being backed-up to a USB drive called "USB_Shares" and stored in the subdirectory "home". Other shares can be backed up similarly.


  • It is equally valid to specify an rsync server source - using the name of the share to be backed-up in the folder dialog - and the USB drive share as the destination

  • Rsync must be enabled in Frontview » Services » Standard File Protocols

  • Rsync access is controlled via Frontview » Shares » Share Listing, and selecting the rsync option for the appropriate USB drive (or share if an rsync source is specified)


  1. Hi. I get an error message window: 'Error connecting to' when using the precise settings above, and with rsync shares enables (read/write) for the USB backup device. Any thoughts?

  2. *Exactly* the same settings? eg Have you changed the USB drive name to match the name of your own drive? Is your USB drive accessible otherwise? eg as a share over your network?

    Many users have reported that the instructions above do work, and so I have to suspect in the first instance some form of error in your configuration. Perhaps you can take screenshots of your backup setup and also your USB Volume settings and paste links to them so the settings can be verified?

  3. Ok, let's put it down to a late night...

    It works a treat. What was missing? The term 'localhost' for the backup Host.

    I appreciate your help - and the awesome post to begin with.