Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My ReadyNAS Blog

After posting extensively on the ReadyNAS Forum, I've found myself repeating comments quite regularly. As there is no wiki or other means to consolidate those comments and input, I decided to setup this blog to sporadically capture some of those repeated items. Hope it helps, both ReadyNAS users, and myself (by saving a little effort)

My ReadyNAS Setup: In the picture below I have a ReadyNAS Ultra-4 (black) to the left, a ReadyNAS NV+ (silver) to the right, with a GS608 Gigabit Ethernet switch between them (since upgraded to a GS108Tv2). PC to the right is a linux server I use for testing.

ReadyNAS Ultra-4 & NV+
My Network Configuration


  1. I bet you have a LOT of noise from these two 92mm fans blowing against your wall !

  2. Actually, suprisingly little - it's there, but doesn't disturb me even though the unit in the picture is about 2m from where I sit.

    The NV+ is very lightly loaded as it is used only for backups and I hardly even notice it when it runs alone. The Ultra is a little noisier (despite a slower fan), and it was disturbing the first week. But I think I tune the noise out - that and I often have music in the background that drowns out what little noise is there.

  3. This weekend I've been playing wit the Duo.
    It wasn't as easy as I expected, but after a bit of common sense and help from the readynas forum (thanks sphardy) I got it working.

    I'm preparing this Duo for a client of mine, but when the Ultra 2 comes out, I will probably get one (or the Ultra 4): I'm hooked!

    Although I might consider building a NAS with an embedded Win XP machine, with a 550 Mc Via processor, that I got for $25 (I got 2, actually)
    I like those little black boxes!
    The XP machines don't have a fan (but that _might_ have to change after I put the SATA card and a pair of 2.5" harddisks in)

    I like what you have done with your ReadyNAS!
    Have fun with it

  4. Wow, your workingspace is much cleaner and more empty than mine!
    Or did you clean up for the pic?

  5. Glad you're up & running, and Nope - no cleaning up. But then again, that's not my workspace...

    That's just a storage unit in the corner of my office that the Ultra & NV+ permanently live on, with a Linux box on the floor next to it (driving the monitor in the photo). UPS and backup USB drives etc. are inside the storage unit.

    My workspace is ~2m away - I won't be publishing a picture of that ;-)

  6. Hello and just to say thank you for taking the time to write and break things down with such care to detail. Great work, understandable. Wondering if it took time to edit and re-edit and if you wrote maybe 'too much' and then refined it. I'm coming across this when writing for my website www.cyclesofrevolution.com even (though it's not related) it's interesting to get this skill of internet writing. I'm an in person person!...
    I might put a link to you sight or a shout in 'my forum links' when I get that running if that's ok. Like the diagram of your network setup. Oh I actually posted to netgear site an answer to getting NAS and internet to work together (catch is nas is on ethernet and internet is via wifi, using same laptop only!)
    incase you're interested (and this wasn't why i posted) it's: http://www.readynas.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=48971&p=280344&hilit=direct+wifi (posted 19th Feb 2011)

  7. Glad it was of help.

    No there is not much refining of the posts other than corrections - most of the posts are related to issues I've come across myself or seen others repeatedly hit and so are highly familiar so don't take so much effort to write.

    Happy for you to link to the posts

  8. Excellent information.

    Just one question though - Why do you use a Time-capsule in your network when you've already got Two Nas's? I've just purchased a second ReadyNas so that I can do OTA Time machine backups from the two MacBook Pros in our house.

  9. Hi Gareth - The TC is there due to a mix of practical & historical reasons

    1) My office where the TC & NAS resides is in a different part of my house and I need an additional wireless access point to enable full wireless coverage - the TC ties in well with the Airport Express I was already using.

    2) It was the prudent purchase at the time. I didn't have sufficient NAS capacity for both full TimeMachine backups and my other data. So I was left looking at purchasing a new wireless access point for coverage, 4 new HDDs for my NV+ that I'd only just bought & populated with 500GB drives (TM wasn't supported when I bought the NAS), and trusting Netgear to sort their early TM issues when it was first supported (this was 3-4 years ago); or buying the one TC and being sure of meeting my needs with a single box that was also significantly cheaper than the alternative

    The TC won.

    FYI - I consider TimeMachine backups a convenience rather than something I rely on, so not having my TM backups on the NAS is not a big deal for me.